Kids Line Dancing

Here at Colorado Springs Line Dancing LLC, kids are our greatest joy! It's a fact that kids learn faster than adults! We have proven in our studio, that in 3 months 1st and 2nd graders can progress from entry level beginner to high improver dances! I will teach your child the fundamentals of line dancing and they will begin learning dance routines for our performances in their very first class. Dance is a connection of mind and body with music, which is proven to improve overall self-esteem, self-confidence, intellect, stamina, focus, and memory. I will invest my very best in your child so that they can become their very best. To enroll your child with Colorado Springs Line Dancing LLC, please feel free to call today.

_ _Come dance with us in our monthly Party! We celebrate this on the fourth Saturday of every month. We throw a line dance party from 7pm to 10pm at All About Dance. We also teach at The Whiskey Baron Dance Hall & Saloon every Thursday night from 7pm to 8:30pm